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    Europe Certification Union Co., Ltd. (ECU) is an experienced certification authority focusing on providing the third party inspection, identification, test and certification service. We offer many testing services in the fields of industrial products, consumer goods, trade security, etc., involving harmful material, safety, EMC, material analysis, textile, shoes, leather, toys, and many other testing programs.
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    Total Lead  2016-07-22 11:22:04
    PCP  2016-07-22 11:21:44
    RoHS  2016-07-22 11:20:59
    REACH  2016-07-22 11:20:24
    PAHs  2016-07-22 11:19:59
    Phthalates  2016-07-22 11:19:29
    Halogen  2016-07-22 11:19:03
    Formaldehyde  2016-07-22 11:18:36
    PFOS/PFOA  2016-07-22 11:18:07
    DMF  2016-07-22 11:17:41
    Cadmium content  2016-07-22 11:17:05
    Nickel  2016-07-22 11:16:42

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